De kleur lost de architectonische ruimte op

De briefwisseling tussen Theo van Doesburg en architect C.R. de Boer, 1920-1929

S. Van Faassen, H. Van Bergeijk

Uitgeverij Eigenbouwer, 2019


In 1920-22, Dutch architect C.R. de Boer in Drachten includes a block with sixteen middle-class homes with an agricultural winter school opposite. He called in the help of artist Theo van Doesburg for these assignments. Van Doesburg made color designs for both the exterior and the interior of the houses. In a retrospective, collaboration with De Boer has been a turning point for Van Doesburg. In the letters to De Boer this crucial period in Van Doesburg’s life and the evolution in his views on color can be followed almost step by step. IN DUTCH!

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ISBN: 9789090323824

272 pages, illustrated, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Dutch