Christiaan Vermander: Landschappen, het onvoltooide

Christiaan Vermander, Paul Geerts

Vandenbroele, 2022


After having worked for a long time as a landscape architect, Christian Vermander, founder of the bureau for free space, publishes an inspiring book.

His goal? To initiate a way of thinking in which the sense of beauty in, with and through nature is paramount. To do this, he looks through the lens of his own oeuvre at the history and future of what we do in the outdoors. The publication consists of 2 volumes.

– Book 1 WORDS: train of thought, concepts & view

Studies, projects and teaching assignments at home and abroad form the basis of a first volume that explains a line of thought and concepts in more detail and in which the views of many guest authors are discussed.

– Book 2 WORKS: inspiration, strategy and field

An extensive and very diverse selection of projects, as study and/or realization in the Netherlands and abroad. Central: the implementation.

Both volumes, bundled in a luxurious cover, together present a unique view of garden and landscape architecture, in which the wonder and insight into the (outdoor) space in all its facets, in time and movement, are constantly renewing and developing.

“I would like to create gardens, landscapes that are both poetic and unobtrusive in order to achieve their flawlessness … Where the unpredictable and yet upon closer inspection the obvious acquires meaning … Where landscapes, through simply made lines of use and experience, with atmospheric light, in good proportions and with an eye for detail, lead to casual spatial art…” – Christiaan Vermander IN DUTCH WITH ENGLISH SUMMARY!

ISBN: 9789049618353

500 pages, illustrated, 30 x 29,5, hardcover,Dutch/English summary