Carlos Martí Arís: Variations of Identity Type in Architecture

Carlos Martí Arís

Éditions Cosa Mentale, 2021


The editorial project focuses on the translation of the book « Las variaciones de la identidad. Ensayo sobre el tipo en arquitectura » written by Carlos Martí Arís.

After having already translated in 2019 another book — « Silencios elocuentes » — by the same author, Cosa Mentale Editions wants to continue to make possible the discovery of the lesson of Carlos Martí Arís, considering it of fundamental importance for today’s architectural culture. In particular, in this book, the author presents an architectural theory according to which the idea of type is not conceived as a mechanism of reproduction but as a structure of form capable of multiple developments.

The editorial project includes an introduction written by Raphael Moneo, one of the best known Spanish architects on the international scene, whose lucid look at the past and present will underline the extremely current contents of a work originally published in 1993.


ISBN: 9782491039042

272 pages, b/w illustratins, 24 x 17 cm, paperback, English