Bungalow. Architecture + Design

Michelle Galindo

Braun Publishing, Salenstein, 2013


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The bungalow construction style is celebrating a revival. Its history began in India when British colonial administrators adopted a traditional Bengal building style for their summer residences. In the early 20th century, it became part of the American Dream in the USA. Today, bungalows combine the ingenious spatial solutions of apartment layouts with the autonomy of detached single-family homes.
Consisting of a single floor or one and a half stories, they are highly functional, environmentally friendly, and virtually free of barriers. The projects presented here highlight the various possibilities of bungalows in terms of size, spatial division, and design. All presented bungalows have in common the fact that they satisfy the highest demands of uniqueness, comfort and design quality.

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ISBN: 9783037681459

304 pagina's, 426 illustraties in kleur, 23,5 × 23,5 cm, hardcover, Engels