Building with Infra-Lightweight Concrete

Design / Planning / Construction

Claudia Lösch, Philip Rieseberg, Mike Schlaich, Regine Leibinger

Birkhaüser, 2020


Infra-lightweight concrete combines the structural and thermal insulation functions of the building envelope in one monolithic material, thus providing new design options. The handbook is a practical guide to building with this new type of material. The architects and structural engineers of the interdisciplinary team of authors combine their findings from many years of research, including from a project in which the team investigated the architectural and structural potential of infra-lightweight concrete in multi-story residential buildings. In addition to essential information on designing with the material, including construction details, and an overview of the building physics properties, practical advice on building details is provided in the form of sizing tables and numerous details from various projects.


ISBN: 9783035619256

208 pages, 27,9 x 23,5 cm, illustrated, hardcover, English