Brussel: Twee en een halve eeuw openbare parken en tuinen 1775-2020

Eric Hennaut, Ursula Wieser Benedetti (Eds.)

C.I.V.A., 2020


A fresh look at the landscape in the capital. A richly illustrated overview of the very special history of its parks and gardens from the eighteenth century to the present. A discovery of the structuring function of plants in urban tissue. That is what this book offers you.
The focus is on areas that are open to the public and that we often walk through, usually without wondering what time they date, in which style they are conceived and why they are even there. All these questions are examined in this book. Furthermore, attention is paid to the designers of these landscapes, who have often remained in the darkness of history, although their realizations, as the contributions in this book show, are not the fruit of chance or nature, but full-fledged artistic creations . And finally, these works are again placed in their international context. In this way it becomes clear that the Brussels Region has been a crossroads of various influences all the time and that they have made a decisive contribution to the specific nature and appearance of this area. IN DUTCH!

ISBN: 9782930391625

248 pages, 28 x 21,3 cm, 240 illustrations, hardcover, Dutch