Bridges: Potentialities and Perspectives

Thorsten Helbig, Michael Kleiser, Ludolf Krontal

Edition Detail, 2020


Bridges shape landscapes and cities, they are buildings of great value for society.

Bridges almost always document what is technically feasible – and are therefore automatically contemporary witnesses of mobility and materiality. How have traffic and bridge construction developed? Where is the potential?

This publication qualifies you to be able to assess bridges in a complex manner and encourages you to rethink bridges and bridge construction: with essays on history, special features of the choice of materials, design approaches, types of construction, repair options and ideas for infrastructure planning of tomorrow. Impressive project examples show how it is possible, on both a small and large scale, to bridge the gap between technology and architecture, knowledge and innovative solutions.

– Development of bridge construction: yesterday – today – tomorrow
– fascinating technology, great architecture
– Mobility of the future – influence on bridge building
– Materiality and construction


ISBN: 9783955535636

144 pages, illustrated with photos & plans, 29,7 x 23 cm, hardcover, English