Breathe: Investigations into Our Atmospherically Entangled Future

Klaus K. Loenhart (ed.)

Birkhauser, 2021


How to design with air and atmosphere?
This book explores breathing and the atmosphere as leitmotifs for the design of an inclusive future in a new climate regime, uncovering intertwinements of societal activities with the air and the atmosphere.
With this awareness of entanglement, the deeply performative characteristics of the air, atmosphere and climate are foregrounded and can be discovered as central agents in the conception and design of our planetary existence.
This carefully edited collection brings together renowned authors from various disciplines, and their ideas, observations, and examples inspire us to rethink our forms of social action and design.
Atmosphere and climate as design factors and vital components in architecture and landscape. Interdisciplinary research on future atmospheric practices.
Contributions by Bruno Latour, Peter Sloterdijk, Eva Horn, Tomás Saraceno, Transsolar, et al.

ISBN: 9783035612103

290 pagina's, 90 illustraties in kleur, hardcover, Engels