Blast #2: The Spatial Drive (1991 standard edition, 250 copies)

X-Art Foundation & The New Museum, 1991


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Blast was established in 1990 in conjunction with the New Museum, “as an ongoing project which explores its own cycles of production and consumption, and which examines the cultural, social, and economic contexts that give it value.” This boxed set is the second publication / multiple-collection and includes work by Trinh T. Minh-ha, Andrew Ross, Mary Kelly, Jordan Crandall (Blast’s founder), and many others. At several junctures in these various works, viewers are encouraged to participate by mail or fax. There is also a Mac-formatted disk with “The Pocket Dictionary of Spatial Drives,” with commissioned and excerpted writings by hundreds of writers from Laurie Anderson and Leon Battista Alberti to Virginia Woolf and Slavoj Zizek.
Standard edition in yellow cardboard box. Our copy is in perfect condition.



Cardboard box: 51 x 38 cm, objects, booklets, printed pages in different sizes