Birgitta de Vos: Omnipresent / Beyond Borders

Birgitta de Vos

Self-Published, 2019


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Birgitta de Vos presents her third book of pictures and poetry, for which she crossed borders of time, mind, culture, and country. By visiting places both near and far, she connects with the soul of the soil, and with the very building blocks of our world. A self-professed avid adapter of new technologies, De Vos explains how half of the photographs in the book were taken with a drone flying high above the earth, while the other half were made close up, using a macro lens. From the combination of stunning images of countless kinds of rocks, minerals, and landforms with her thought-provoking words, a dialogue of creation emerges, its beauty resonating within and around us.


ISBN: 9789081005944

416 pages, full colour, 23 x 17 cm, hardcover, English