Bend & Build: Architecture with Bamboo

Chris van Uffelen

Braun Publishing, 2023


Architecture involving and consisting of bamboo as a building material has developed into one of the most fascinating and dynamic areas of global building culture. The giant grass is found on all continents and, as the fastest-growing plant species, is in basically infinite supply. The unique material properties combining extreme hardness with low weight, strong compressive and tensile strength, and elasticity significantly contribute to this trend.
Bend & Build shows the amazing versatility of this eco-hero of architecture and interior design, whose applications have become significantly wider and more diversified This collection includes some of the finest, most creative, and cutting-edge bamboo projects of recent years. The range extends from traditional building styles and their modern interpretation to the innovative combination of bamboo with other materials.

  • Vedana Restaurant in Nho Quan, Vietnam (VTN Architects)
  • Villa Mediterraneo on Ibiza, Spain (Metroarea Architeti Associati)
  • Indonesia Pavilin in Guangzhou, China (Studio WNA))
  • Cervecería Tulum in Tulum, México (Arquitectura Mixta)
  • Hammock Hut in Woodfordia, Australia (Cave Urban)
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    ISBN: 9783037682869

    192 pages, 303 illustrations, 27 x 21,5 cm, hardcover, English