Architectuur en telefonie / Architecture du téléphone

Marc Dubois, Sébastien Charlier, Benoît Mihail, Jean-Marc Basyn, Maurizio Cohen

CIVA & AAM Éditions, 2019


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This publication was commissioned by Proximus and is a book in which the built patrimony is central. The RTT and later Belgacom built a lot, from Arlon to Ostend. With the large increase in connections after 1945, there was a great need for power stations and also for staff and maintenance services. As a result of the technical renewal, many buildings became redundant, they were sold and were given a different purpose. For the first time, this patrimony is exposed.

For some buildings, the name of the designer is known, others were designed within the RTT. The book features buildings by the following architects: Michel Polak, Léon Stynen & Paul De Meyer, Gaston, Brunfaut, Gaston Eysselinck, Charles Servais, Marcel & Paul Mignot, Jules Trenteseau, Geo and Dirk Bontinck, Henri Guchez & Jacques Dupuis, Paul De Maeght – Roland Vernimmen – Herman Augustyniak.

The main text was written by Marc Dubois. Proximus commissioned two photographers to photograph a selection of a number of buildings: Karin Borghouts and Filip Dujardin. IN DUTCH AND FRENCH !


ISBN: 9782871433453

223 pages, 33,6 x 24,5 cm, illustrated, hardcover, Dutch/French