Alechinsky: En-cours de route

Catherine de Braekeleer

S. Vanhoegaerden Gallery, 2023


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This book in collaboration with Belgian artist Alechinsky (°1927) provides an overview of the paintings and drawings from the period from 1965 to 2022 and some of his most important etchings and lithographs.

You can find his oeuvre in galleries all over the world. And his more recent work remains just as fresh and astonishing. Alechinsky made the transition to the 21st century effortlessly and that means that he deserves a place next to other great Belgian artists such as James Ensor, Paul Delvaux and René Magritte.

Not an inch on its carrier is spared. Alechinsky adds so-called ‘side notes’ to the story he tells in his work. IN DUTCH AND FRENCH!


ISBN: 9789464202243

160 pages, gillustrated, 30,9 x 24 cm, hardcover, Dutch/French