Adjaye: Works 2007-2015. Houses, Pavilions, Installations, Buildings

Peter Allison (Ed)

Thames & Hudson, 2022


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Following on from David Adjaye – Works: Houses, Pavilions, Installations, Buildings, 1995-2007, published in 2020, this book covers the impressive portfolio of work created by the architect between 2007 and 2015. During the years covered in this book, Adjaye became interested in developing an architecture that was more expansive, taking him outside Europe to work on major projects such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver and the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Designing buildings around the globe, including two projects connected with the post-Katrina reconstruction programme in New Orleans, Adjaye carefully tailored his approach to each place, sensitive to the important role architecture plays in affirming a sense of community and identity.


ISBN: 9780500343807

300 pages, 512 illustrations, 25,8 x 25,8 cm, hardcover, English