150 Bookstores You Need to Visit Before You Die

Elizabeth Stamp

Lannoo, 2024


We ourselves do not think it is a very good overview, because neither Copyright Bookshop Ghent nor Antwerp are included in this publication :-(.

But this is what the publishers says: These bookstores open up a world of beauty. You can wander endlessly in the peculiar selection of the independent, often specialized book merchant. Every store is a reflection of the thoughts, opinions and tastes of the owner. Discover established bookstores that have been providing their readers with reading matter for decennia or newly opened bookstores with an innovative look. The American author Elizabeth Stamp guarantees that all 150 bookstores are worth visiting. Because of their history, peculiar architecture and their immaculate book selection.


ISBN: 9789401489355

256 pages, illustrated, 24 x 18 cm, hardcover, English