Wood Works: Sustainability, Versatility, Stability

Chris van Uffelen

Braun Publishing, 2019


Wood is nature’s greatest resource, embedded in the history, culture and life of humans worldwide. And it is ingenious as building material: remarkably malleable and at the same time resilient, recyclable in many ways and reducing greenhouse gases, universally applicable and locally available, renewable and beautiful. Today, new processing technologies extend the spectrum of its possible applications and the combinability with other building materials, enabling new amazing technical and design solutions.
In short, almost anything – structurally – can be done with it. Whatever architects and interior designers think of can be realized with wood: from energy-efficient houses via multi-story academic facilities to the interiors of fashionable bars. The traditional building material has become ultra-contemporary and increasingly cutting-edge, offering extraordinarily exciting possibilities for architectural design.

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ISBN: 9783037682500

224 pagina's, 28 x 24 cm, 450 illustraties, Hardcover, Engels