Wolfgang Laib: The Beginning of Something Else (Kunstmuseum Stuttgart)

Wolfgang Laib, Ulrike Groos, Kunstmuseum Stuttgart, Anne Vieth

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart & Hirmer Verlag, 2023


Wolfgang Laib (b. 1950) is a German artist, primarily known as a sculptor, whose work asks questions about how we deal with the natural world.
This book offers new insight into some of the sources and drivers of his creative process. It brings together a group of texts that have long held particular importance for Laib’s thinking and work, including passages from Gilgamesh, a poem by the Buddhist monk Bodhidharma, thoughts and aphorisms from Friedrich Nietzsche, and a quotation from the American artist Agnes Martin.
Those texts are set in context with images that reveal them as sources of inspiration for his subtle art. The result is a book unlike any other, strikingly personal and beautiful. It sheds light on an artist whose sensitive work, which dates back to the 1970s, has questioned our treatment of nature, and thus could not be more topical.


ISBN: 9783777441962

352 pagina's, 150 kleurillustraties + 1 fold-out, 18 x 13,2 cm, softcover, Duits/Engels