Where We Work: Home Offices

An Bogaerts

Lannoo, 2021


Where We Work showcases over two hundred home offices around the globe, inspiring all kinds of worker types: from the clean desk adept and his or her Zen Office to the daydreamer in the Panoramic Office and the creative worker in the Gallery Office. Knowing your ideal working environment starts with knowing yourself. What kind of office can boost your productivity and make you feel comfortable? Working from home is here to stay and this book provides all the ingredients you need to discover your ideal work layout, including loads of practical tips and decorative recommendations.

By installing workstations in our private homes we are confronting ourselves every single hour of the day with emails waiting to be answered, bills to be paid and quotes to be prepared. That is why the layout and decoration of the home office is so terribly important. When done right, it can lift the experience of working from home to a whole new level, adding to a state of happiness and peace of mind.


ISBN: 9789401478335

240 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 29 x 24 cm, hardcover, Engels