Weston: Edward, Brett, Cole, Cara

A Dynasty of Photographers

Filippo Maggia (Ed)

Skira, 2022


An unprecedented photographic selection of works by Weston, his sons Brett and Cole, and his granddaughter Cara
Designed in collaboration with the Weston family, this publication includes over 80 works by the four photographers, leaving the leading role to the founder Edward Weston, with 40 of his pictures.
These include almost all of his best known masterpieces: from his textural portraits to his nudes celebrating form, from his sand dunes to his plain objects transformed into sculptures, all the way to his famous “vegetables” – the pepper, artichoke, cabbage and shell close-ups that have marked the history of photography of the last century, taking it from the late 19th- to early 20th-century pictorialist vision to an innovative modernist and surrealist figuration that made Edward Weston one of the absolute masters of world photography.
Alongside his works, the book includes a selection of about 20 images by his son Brett, certainly the most determined in seeking a possible interpretation of his father’s lesson, which he clearly found in landscape, a subject he studied and captured through geometries evoking abstract art; Cole Weston, represented by two further collections, on the other hand distanced himself from his father through the use of colour (although he did work with him as a printer, especially when Edward Weston could no longer print his own images); Cara Weston – Edward’s granddaughter who is still active today – is a refined black and white photographer, offering her personal contemporary take on classical themes.


ISBN: 9788857247700

128 pagina's, 120 afbeeldingen, 28 x 24 cm, hardcover, Engels