Wang Bing: The Walking Eye

Diana Dufour, Dominique Païni (texts)

Le Bal & Roma, 2021


In 170 sequences, eight iconic films are presented in this first referential book about the work of Chinese filmmaker Wang Bing. These include ‘West of the Tracks’ (2003), ‘Three Sisters’ (2012), and ’15 Hours’ (2017). For him, making films stems from an urgent need to question his own time, his own country; to establish an alternative to the official media coverage that oscillates between propaganda and censorship. Bing also pushes the limits of documentary language by harnessing the democratising possibilities of digital filmmaking. His attention to people and to things is captured in lengthy films, enabling viewers to see things up close, as near as possible to reality and truth.


ISBN: 9789492811851

832 pagina's, kleurillustraties, 23 x 16 cm, hardcover, Engels