Walter Van Beirendock: Paper Party Dress

Presented on the occasion of Paper Fashion, Momu

Momu & La Redoute, 2009


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This party dress is inspired by A-line dresses, in vogue at the end of the 1960s. At that time papaer clothes became a much-hyped phenomenon that would entrance America and Europe for several years. Produced with often striling and colourful prints, paper clothing became the support of most various creations and artstic expressions, from Pop Art to advertising. These dresses were mostly sold through mail-order.

Walter Van Beirendonck designed a print that was entirely made up of multicoloured pieces of paper. In that way the final print still suggests a paper collage. He describes the drawing style as ‘Future Folk’, a futuristic interpretation of old folk style drawings. The design contains a few typical Walter Van Beirendonck motifs, which particularly emphazise the duality in his work and as an individual: as soft as a teddy bear and at the same timeas explosive as a bomb.The naked Walter icon, a childlike, naive picture of the desinger himself, can often be seen in his works and stresses the vulnerability of the designer as a public figure, continually ‘exposing’ himself with each new design.

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paper box 35 x 24 cm