Wallonia-Brussels Architecture: Inventories #4 2020-2023

Towards a Regenerative Approach to Architecture

The Cultural Institute of Architecture Wallonia-Brussels (Ed.), Pierre Chabard, Pauline Lefebvre, Carla Fricq-Cloupet, Ward Verbakel, o.a.

Architectural Unit of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, 2023


The spectre of climate change and it’s social, economic and ecological implications haunts the world. The energy issue, drought, floods and other climate disasters are confronting us with challenges of governance and, more specifically, those of architecture and land use planning. To try to change the course of this situation, any spatial intervention on our environment, whatever its scale, must no longer leave the challenges of environmental, societal and economic unanswered, but incorporate the public, collective and private dimensions.

With this in mind, Wallonia-Brussels Architecture Inventories #4 highlights around a hundred spatial appraoches taken to this transition that were carried out in Wallonia and Brussels between 2020 and 2023. Experts in the fields of architecture, urban planning and sociology have examined these appraoches to identify a number of avenues for reflection following six themes: the new ruralism, frugality in construction methods, governance, re-appropriation, the role of open spaces and finally, changes in architectural practice that have accompanied the evolution of uses.

Alongside these reflecions, the volume features artist Aurélie William Levaux’s humorous takes on our current living environment, and the manifest co-signed by the members of the editorial committee as a first step towards a regenerative architectural approach to this territory.

With projects by Vers.A, EDA.AU, Kis Studio/Atelier d’Architecture Matador, MSA/Ney & Partners, Baukunst/Bruther, Baumans-Deffet Architecture et Urbanisme, Central office for archtecture and urbanisme/NP2F, Atelier Chora, AgwA, Notan Office, Ouest Architecture/Rotor, Adrien Tirtiaux, époc architectures, Vanden Eeckhoudt-Creyf architectes, Artau Architectures, Bureau FL.5.2/After Howl/Rachel Magnan, Olivier Fourneau Architectes, Atelier d’Architecture Daniel Delgoffe/Pigeon Ochej Paysage, Atelier Paysage, Goffart Polomé Architectes, Brogneaux Thibaut Architectures, LRArchitectes, Vers plus de bien-être V+/Hart Berteloot/Atelier Architecture Territoire, Les biens communaux, Benoit Vandenbulcke/Harold Fallon, Pierre Blondel, Bento, Suède 36/Base Landscape


ISBN: 9782930705484

208 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 26 x 20 cm, paperback, Engels