Vladimir Mayakovsky & El Lissizky: For the Voice (Facsimile, three volume boxed set)

Vladimir Mayakovsky, El Lissizky

Leningrad Izokombinat Chudoznik, 1987



Three volumes in slipcase, folded in 3 parts. Two loose small volumes, ‘Dlja golosa’ and ‘Choroscho! Oktjabrskaja poema’ in the original Russian language by Vladimir Maykovsky are reproduced with facsimile exactness. They were originally published in the year of the seventieh anniversary of the October Revolution in 1917. The books designed by Lissitzky seem to echo the thundering voice of Vladimir Mayakovsky in the powerful pictorial images.
Volume three is a thin booklet, stapled within the slipcase, and contains an essay by Mikhail Guerman ‘The poet’s visible voice’ with original text in Russian and English translation. Our copy is in perfect condition.



slipcase: 21,5 x 14,5 cm, vol.1: 16 pages, vol. 2: 61 pages, vol.3 104 pages, paperbacks, Russian (and intro translated in English)