Vincent Geyskens (M Leuven)

Dominic Van den Boogerd, Eva Wittockx

M Leuven & Mercatorfonds, 2021


In his work, Vincent Geyskens examines the position of painting in contemporary society. Abstraction, figuration, a variety of media and styles of painting are engaged with as he probes their possibilities and limits. For an artist, painting is a way of turning thoughts into something tangible, translating them into substance. The exhibition at M will place the spotlight on the breadth of his experience and will gather together diverse series and types of work produced over the course of his oeuvre. The focus will be on his output during the past ten years, complemented by a number of older reference works. The exhibition forges links between various approaches and gives voice to his quest as a painter for the status of the image and visual representation in the present day. M is displaying not only collages, sketches, and painted series of frames, but also paintings that range from still lifes and portraits to abstract colour compositions with thickly applied paint.

The publication will also zoom in on his practical work over the past ten years, bringing together various series in free-ranging connection with one another. Dominic van den Boogerd has written an explanatory article on his recent work, while Eva Wittocx has interviewed the artist about his choices and thought processes. The book is amply illustrated.


ISBN: 9789462303157

200 pagina's, 200 illustraties, 27 x 21 cm, paperback, Engels