Vincen Beeckman: Pong Ping (Edition of 750 copies)

Vincen Beeckman, Rein Deslé, Paterson Dude, Ticuta Racovita-Cordemans, Diane Smyth

FOMU Antwerp, 2023


The Ping Pong exhibition is Vincen Beeckman’s first major museum exhibition. It provides an insight into four long-running projects that for the most part have existed side by side. Belgian photographer Beeckman (b. 1973) plays a sort of game of table tennis with the people he meets and the stories he records. The game and engagement only last as long as both sides keep the ball in the air…

Cracks is a wide-ranging introduction to a group of unhoused people who live around Brussels Central Station. Beeckman gave them disposable cameras that opened up an important exchange. Together they make a book and exhibitions. Every step of the process was a collaboration.

Les Intimes narrates the life story of a family from Mons. Beeckman plays the role of family photographer and is invited to every important event – be it a birthday, moving house, a wedding or even a funeral. At first, this is only at the request of the family, but later also more organically.

La Devinière is a psychotherapy near Charleroi where people with a mental illnesses live together. Beeckman has been a part of the community there for years, partying, playing and creating together.


ISBN: 9789078487241

240 pagina's (184 beelden en 56 pagina's teksten), 24 x 17 cm, paperback, Engels