Versailles: Savoir-faire et matériaux

Hugues Jacquet

Château de Versailles & Actes Sud, 2019


From the history and geography of forests to the use of wood nanoparticles, this encyclopedia covers the scientific, symbolic, historical, aesthetic and socio-economic dimensions of one of the first materials used by man. It is aimed as much at the amateur who wishes to discover more the material, than at the specialist who will supplement his field of expertise by other points of view and knowledge.
Five major chapters provide a better understanding of the context and timeliness of wood: the fundamentals (physics, chemistry, wood mechanics, history and symbolism …), the sustainable use of the resource (the geography of forests, exploitation and trade of wood, global warming, ecodesign and sustainable construction …), tools and gestures, material and techniques (evolution of the use of wood in history and its contemporary applications in industry , design, craftsmanship and construction), before concluding with an approach based on the senses: the wood in the instrument, the perfume, the wood that we taste (spices and wine), not to mention the look of contemporary artists on this material.
Academics, researchers, craftsmen, foresters, designers, historians, geographers, artists, engineers, architects, perfumers: more than thirty contributors (Michel Pastoureau, Giuseppe Penone, Raymond Guidot, the Bouroullec brothers, Olivier Roellinger, Patrick Jouin, Yves Weinand , Françoise-Hélène Jourda …) have each approached this material in terms of their know-how to achieve a sum of knowledge unique in its complementarity, associated with the major issues that will place the wood and the forest in the heart of contemporary issues, both for the preservation of the resource and to show the renewed diversity of its fields of application.

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ISBN: 9782330053291

424 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24 x 21 cm, hardcover, Frans