URA Yves Malysse & Kiki Verbeeck: Architectural Projects 2002+2020

Helen Thomas, Christophe Van Gerrewey, Lisa De Visscher, Iwan Strauven, Eline Dehullu a.o.

A+ Architecture in Belgium, BOZAR & Koenig Books, 2020


This first monographic publication of the work of URA (Yves Malysse / Kiki Verbeeck) gives a unique look at the oeuvre and the architectural language of this Brussels-based architectural practice.

The book gives a richly illustrated overview of the most important projects that the office has realised in the past 15 years, and situates URA’s oeuvre in a larger historical and geographical context.In an interview, the architects explain their working method, vision on architecture and frame of reference.

The images by Filip Dujardin illustrate the subtle architectural quality of the buildings with a sensitive attention to space and materiality.

From the outset, URA developed two ways of working synchronously. On the one hand, an intuitive way to investigate how a building can nestle in its context. On the other hand, a very pragmatic and analytical way of working with the program. In the new book you get an insight into their work, which keeps the boundary between the rational and the emotional, the pragmatic and the intuitive, the functional and the gut feeling. This publication, which appears on the occasion of the first monographic exhibition in the Center for Fine Arts in Brussels, shows 20 projects based on photos, plans and drawings. The book is introduced by the British architect and writer Helen Thomas. In his essay Christophe Van Gerrewey elaborates on the working method of URA, and places the office in a historical and cultural context. In an interview with Lisa De Visscher and Iwan Strauven, Yves Malysse and Kiki Verbeeck further explain their projects, methodology and references.


ISBN: 9783960988342

232 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 28,2 x 21,8 cm, hardcover, Engels