Understanding Jewellery : The 20th Century

David Bennett, Daniela Mascetti

ACC, 2021


In this new work, Bennett and Mascetti have taken the original concept of Understanding Jewellery a stage further. Now, with the benefit of 20 years of hindsight, they have concentrated on the 20th century alone by conducting a detailed survey of each decade, identifying the key players, trends and movements. The book is an encyclopaedic history of the various forms, techniques and materials employed by the companies and individuals who defined jewelry in the 20th century.

Most significantly, this book includes a new set of photographs, which make Understanding Jewellery: The Twentieth Century one of the most dazzling, absorbing and varied collections of jewelry images ever assembled in a book. This large format hardback volume is a perfect gift for all lovers of jewellery and the definitive guide for those who desire a deeper understanding of the subject.


ISBN: 9781788841207

300 pagina's, 476 kleur & 5 z/w illustraties, 32,4 x 27,6 cm, hardcover, Engels