Transform! Designing the Future of Energy (Vitra Design Museum)

Daniel Barber, Donatella Germanese, Carola Hein, Ivan Illich

Vitra Design Museum, 2024


The publication »Transform! Designing the Future of Energy« sheds light on the radical transformation of the energy sector from a design perspective. It covers a wide range of topics, from everyday products that utilise renewable energies to visions of energy self-sufficient cities.

The architecture historian Daniel Barber illuminates the history of the first solar houses; the literary scholar Donatella Germanese examines the campaign “Atoms for Peace”; and Carola Hein, Professor for Architecture and Urban Planning at TU Delft, shows how our dependency on oil shapes the planet to this day. An excerpt from cultural critic Ivan Illich’s Energy and Equity discusses the energy crisis in the 1970s and questions how much energy we actually need.

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ISBN: 9783945852606

221 illustraties, geïllustreerd, 32 x 24 cm, paperback, Engels