Traditional Couture

Folkloric Heritage Costumes

Robert Klanten, Gregor Hohenberg, Annet Hohenberg

Gestalten, Berlin, 2015


In Traditional Couture, German fashion photographer Gregor Hohenberg portrays the individuals, young and old alike, who currently wear authentic, traditional attire throughout his homeland. With an eye and sensibility with which he usually works with magazines including Elle, Vogue, and T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Hohenberg captures the dignity of the wearers, the beauty of their surroundings, and the glorious details of their distinctive clothing and its intricate tailoring. Together, the dazzling photographs and insightful texts in Traditional Couture succeed in giving heritage fashions a contemporary context that fits perfectly with today’s passion for handcraft and paves the way for future styles.

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ISBN: 9783899555721

320 pagina's, kleurenillustraties, 24,5 × 33 cm, hardcover, Engels