To Whom It May Concern: Louise Bourgeois and Gary Indiana

Louise Bourgeois, Gary Indiana

Violette Editions, London, 2011


A collaboration between Louise Bourgeois and Gary Indiana pairs her beautiful colour-wash male and female torso images with his word-poems, creating a meditation on relationships, sexuality and physicality.

To Whom It May Concern is one of the final projects Bourgeois completed and is an apt demonstration of the enduring power of her work. Rich pinks, purples, reds and blues describe bodies comprising swollen bellies, heavy breasts, engorged phalluses and stooped torsos in a series of pairings on facing pages. Deceptively simple in design, the varying intensity and range of colour within each figure reveals a dynamism in each repeated coupling of these headless, limbless bodies: male and female at their essential, and the relationship between the two, changing but the same. Indiana’s short, visceral but lyrical texts are interspersed throughout and form a conversation with these images, an unconventional non-narrative, part of a broader dialogue about the barrier of flesh, about desire and intimacy.

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ISBN: 9781900828369

76 pagina's, 24 illustraties in kleur, 32.4 × 22.9 cm, hardcover, Engels