Tinus Vermeersch: Ceramics, Paintings

Be Part & APE 2019


Tinus Vermeersch reveals his own surreal universe to us, by means of drawings, pain-tings, sculptures and ceramics. In this uni-verse we often find traces of a human pres-ence, yet it is characterized by a sense of seclusiveness. Both his visual language as well as his chosen materials, remind us of a long-lost time. His technique recalls the drawings and paintings of Jheronimus Bosch and Pieter Bruegel. The origin of the figures who inhabit his paintings and drawings can be found in anthropology and more specifically in the old animistic and shamanic traditions of the indigenous peoples. Tinus Vermeersch calls these figures ‘Tegumen’, meaning ‘cover’ or ‘shell’ in Latin. Tinus Vermeersch distinguishes him-self from many other contemporary artists by his affinity for the craftsmanship that is so specific to the traditional media he works with. The hundreds of ceramic tiles, all drawn by hand, prove this craftsmanship. This book is a catalogue that accompanies Tinus’ exhibition in Be-Part Kortrijk.


ISBN: 9789493146242

2 paperbacks in kartonnen foedraal, 52 + 60 pagina's, kleurillustraties, 29,8 x 21,1 cm