Tina Gillen: Echo

Tina Gille, Eva Wittocx

Bozar & MER. B&l, 2015


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Tina Gillen (°1972, Luxembourg) has been active as a painter since the late 1990s. She works at the interface between figuration and abstraction, between the flat surface and space. Her work is made up of layers that she visibly slides over each other. You recognize architectural elements from reality, such as facades and buildings, which nevertheless evoke a feeling of distance. Gillen explicitly involves the exhibition space in her work. For BOZAR she created ECHO, a monumental installation tailor-made for the Council Chamber. Paintings and a sculptural element enter into a dialogue with a large mural on the back wall. Gillen invites visitors to actively participate and make connections between the elements provided while walking.

Our copy is in very good condition.

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ISBN: 9789492321169

140 pages, illustyrations in color & b/w, 26 x 22 cm, paperback, Dutch/French/English