The Spirit of the Chair: The Chair Collection of Thierry Barbier-Mueller

Marie Barbier-Mueller (Foreword), Thierry Barbier-Mueller, Lorette Coen, Chantal Prod'Hom, Charlotte Savolainen-Mailler, Jamieson Webster, Robert Wilson

Lars Müller Publishers, 2022


The chairs in this private collection are not an assembly of objects of everyday use. They are a congregation of creatures often eluding their primary purpose as seating. Metaphorically exaggerated height and disassociation transform the chairs into individuals, or sculptures exploring the uncertain boundaries of physics. The book’s generous layout allows readers to immerse themselves in this cabinet of curiosities and give their imagination free rein. Nicolas Polli and Jean Vincent Simonet use their photographic essays to interpret the exhibits originating from well-known artists and designers. The texts illustrate the collection in terms of the friction between art and design. They explain the collection’s significance in the life of the collector, and they discuss the general motives that lead to a passion for collecting.


ISBN: 9783037787106

384 pagina's, 927 illustraties, 30 x 22 cm, paperback, Engels (verkrijgbaar in Frans op aanvraag)