The Rationalist Reader

Architecture and Rationalism in Western Europe 1920-1940 / 1960-1990

Andrew Peckham, Torsten Schmiedeknecht (Ed.)

Routledge, New York, 2014


The Reader incorporates the first documentary collection of writing on rationalism in twentieth century architecture, providing an accessible introduction to the subject, direct insight into the thinking of architects and their critics, and a current re-evaluation of the context from which they emerged.

Key texts, including new translations, are placed within a wider historical and philosophical context by Alan Colquhoun, and considered with particular reference to nineteenth century architectural theory by Charles Rattray. Two separate documentary sections address the thinking behind rationalist architecture within the Modern Movement and ‘Rational Architecture’ as its counterpart within Neo-rationalism. German architectural historian Thilo Hilpert and Dutch architect and critic Henk Engel, provide introductions to the two periods, while Cambridge historian Nicholas Bullock contributes a linking piece focused on French experience post-war. A postscript samples retrospective views.

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ISBN: 9780415604369

408 pagina's, 25 × 19 cm, paperback, Engels