The Public Interior as Idea and Project

Mark Pimlott

Jap Sam Books, 2016, reprinted 2022


The structure of this publication by Mark Pimlott originates from a series of lectures called ‘Fundamentals’ given to students of the course ‘The Architecture of the Interior’ at Delft University of Technology, which concerned public interiors in the West through history, and significant ideas that had contributed to their realisation and their reception.

Rather than attempting an encyclopaedic overview, the author proposed six potent interpretive themes—the Palace, the Garden, the Ruin, the Shed, the Network and the Machine—through which many exemplary interiors could be considered, so that the public interior might become more available to the imaginations of those who design them. All together here, the chosen exemplars form a kind of canon of the public interior. Submitted to interpretation in the context of these themes, they offer another lens through which they might be seen: as manifestations of ideas inscribed within material culture.

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ISBN: 9789490322526

302 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 17 × 24 cm, paperback, Engels