The Politics of Public Space, Volume 5

A publication of transcripts that speak directly to the city and how we read it

OFFICE, Tom Muratore (Eds)

OFFICE, 2024


The Politics of Public Space: Volume Five captures interviews and talks by built environment practitioners on the ideas that shape cities. This publication collates the content of the four previous volumes along with new images and interviews. Spanning over the past five years, this book is a record of OFFICE’s attempt to identify the true complexities of our city and the many parties involved. It asks: how may we better engage with and understand our own city, particularly its public spaces?

Volume Five collates all four sold-out volumes and includes nine new conversations. As a catalogue it helps reveal the true complexities of our cities, engaging with issues at stake in its form and occupation. And more significantly, to get students, practitioners, and the general public questioning their understanding of the city.

The Politics of Public Space: Volume Five Features Mark Jacques, Libby Porter, Tania Davidge, Tom Andrews, Peter Chambers, Claire Martin, Myria Georgiou, Saskia Sassen, Jack Self, Brooke Holmes, Ian Strange, Alfredo Billembourg, Tony Birch, Brighid Sammon, Nicole Kalms, Andy Fergus, Kate Shaw, Philip Brophy, Sarah Lynn Rees, Kim Dovey, Nigel Bertram, Lynda Roberts, Crystal Legacy, Marcus Westbury, Elizabeth Taylor, Simona Castricum, Jock Gilbert, Sophia Pearce, Uncle Dave Wandin, Gary Foley, Alison Young, Polly Stanton, Kelsie Nabben, Wendy Steele, Lily Parsons, Olivia Daw, Genevieve Quinn, Lewis Orgar, Carroll Go-Sam.


ISBN: 9780648770244

528 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24 x 16,5 cm, paperback, Engels