The History of Art: A Global View from Prehistory to the Present Day

Jean Robertson, Deborah Hutton, Cynthia Colburn, Ömür Harmansah, Eric Kjellgren, Rex Koontz, De-nin Lee, Henry Luttikhuizen, Allison Lee Palmer, Stacey Sloboda, Monica Blackmun Visonà

Thames & Hudson, 2022


The first art history survey textbook with a global narrative in mind, The History of Art supports the AP® Art History Big Ideas and Art Historical Thinking Skills. The chronological organization makes it easy to understand continuity and change within cultures and see how interactions with other cultures affected art. Features throughout the text model art historical thinking and help students describe materials, processes, and techniques. Brief chapters can be taught in any order, and over 1,600 artworks from around the world, including most of the AP® 250, support the development of visual analysis skills of both familiar and unfamiliar works.
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ISBN: 9780500845134

1264 pagina's, ilustraties in kleur, 29 x 23 cm, hardcover, Engels