The Grid (Musée universitaire de Louvain)

Alexander Streitberger

Musée universitaire de Louvain & Lannoo, 2023


The Grid examines the multiple uses of the grid in contemporary art. Textile weaves, graphic grids, framework for materials, typological systems, spatio-temporal frameworks, computer matrix, narratives and documentary devices. The Grid presents works by renowned artists including Max Bill, François Morellet, Vera Molnár, Carl Andre, Sol LeWitt, Dennis Oppenheim, Esther Ferrer, Gina Pane, Christian Boltanski, Sherrie Levine, Claudia Andujar, Analívia Cordeiro and Anna Bella Geiger.

“Each grid has its own texture, uniqueness, individuating features, capacities for creative enactment, and relationship to other grids, as much as each person combines and utilises a grid for him- or herself.’ Hannah B. Higgins


ISBN: 9782390252535

144 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 25 x 19 cm, paperback, Engels