The Ghost of Avant-Garde

Notes on discourse in deconstructed intellectual contemporary fashion

A8 Visual Communication Design, 2021


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The book delivers notes on discourse in deconstructed intellectual contemporary fashion, with a theoretical analysis of ‘avant-garde’ and research of it’s usage in the fashion industry.


– The ghost of avant-garde Notes on discourse in deconstructed/intellectual contemporary fashion
– 1. why fashion practice needs a theoretical analysis (mind the gap)
– 2. research (who is haunted by the ghost of the avant-garde)
– 3. what is avant-garde (anyway)
– 4. modernism (marching into the unknown)
– 5. work of art (before and after avant-garde)
– 6. avant-garde and beauty (are at war)
– 7. failure of the avant-garde (decline of the new, mission impossible)
– 8. contemporary fashion (no rules, just technology)



332 (ongenummerde) pagina's, z/w illustraties, 20 x 18 cm, paperback, Engels