The Collective Spark: Igniting Thinking in Groups, Teams and the Wider World

Martin Ringer, Rob Gordon, Bert Vandenbussche (Eds.), Sam Corijn (design)

Grafische Cel, 2022



This book shows how to think together with others and to help others to think together with you. The chapters are written from a rich store of knowledge, experience and understanding that illumi-nates the hidden complexities occurring whenever people meet to collaborate, plan, review, innovate, learn, teach, consult or facilitate. From their various professions and work areas, the authors delve beneath the surface of visible interactions to reveal the knowledge and wisdom that exists in intuitive and unconscious processes. The result is a profound and informative book that is engaging, accessible and readable, to inform everyday practice in groups, teams, committees, organizations and communities.

With contributions by: Martin Ringer, Rob Gordon, Bert Vandenbussche, Richard Morgan-Jones, András Gelei, Rosealeen Tamaki, Bob Hinshelwood, Susanne Broeng, Barry Jones, Marina Mojovic, Efrat Ginot, Kristina Karlsson.

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ISBN: 9789492574220

272 pagina's, z/w illustraties, 19,9 x 12,5 cm, paperback, Engels