The Ceramic Process

A Manual and Source of Inspiration for Ceramic Art and Design

Anton Reijnders (European Ceramic Work Centre)

Bloomsbury London, 2021


This book is both a comprehensive textbook on ceramic technology and a chronicle of the developments made by the European Ceramic Work Centre (EKWC) over the years. It is a practical book which looks at materials, methods and equipment, using the results of various artists’ projects to illustrate the text. EKWC is internationally renowned as a centre where ceramic artists can come for a period to experiment with new materials, methods and technologies. Their time there is funded and they are given the back-up of innovative technicians and materials to work with. The artists who have worked at the centre include some of the top names in sculpture and ceramics from around the world. These include: Neil Brownsword, Tony Cragg, Ewen Henderson, Jun Kaneko, Anish Kapoor, Kinpei Nakamura and Betty Woodman. The results have often been spectacular and the new techniques and materials adopted by other artists around the world.

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ISBN: 9781789940480

320 pagina's, geIllustreerd, 27,6 × 21,9 cm, hardcover, Engels