The Art of Bill Viola: I Do Not Know What It Is I Am Like

John G. Hanhardt

Yale University Press, 2019


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Bill Viola (b. 1951) is one of today’s premier video installation artists whose apparently straightforward imagery belies a decades-long investigation into the human imagination and its various states of consciousness. This unique and accessible guide to Viola’s work provides new insights into the artist’s creative processes by drawing on his own writing, as well as texts that have inspired his creative vision. John G. Hanhardt, an expert on Bill Viola, explores how the artist’s work relates to literature, philosophy, poetry, and mysticism. Kira Perov, Viola’s wife, artistic collaborator, and the manager of his studio, offers her own intimate insights into his work and studio production. Beautifully illustrated, this book imparts a fresh take on Viola’s art, originality, and celebrated creativity.


ISBN: 9780300244755

176 pagina's, 136 illustraties, 27,3 x 22,9 cm, hardcover, Engels