The ArchDaily Guide to Good Architecture


ArchDaily & Gestalten, 2022


What’s best in architecture today and the most relevant for tomorrow by the world’s most visited architecture website. ArchDaily’s Guide to Good Architecture is their first-ever book. Curated around their principles of Good Architecture, the book is a curation of what’s best today and most relevant for tomorrow. Through a rich variety of projects–both built and planned–the book reflects a global community of world-shapers, explores the most important topics and trends in architectural practice, celebrates the most visionary architects and introduces up-and-coming talent. It marks the forefront of architectural thought and practice.

“Architecture is about giving form to the places where people live. It is no easier, and no more complicated, than that. There are three keywords here: “form,” “place,” and “life.” As soon as one reflects on these terms, one immediately comprehends that these things are not all that easy.” explains leading Chilean architect, Alejandro Aravena in a foreword written specifically for the book.


ISBN: 9783967040647

336 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 30 x 24 cm, hardcover, Engels