Temporary Architecture

Lisa Baker

Braun, Salenstein, 2014


This volume gathers extraordinary contemporary projects from the very diverse areas of temporary architecture. Most of these concepts transgress the borderlines of architecture, art, design and social intervention, which results in a very unique form of creative freedom.

Ephemeral buildings take possession of a location for a specific period of time, adding meaning and new quality to it. They can be interim solutions that no longer serve a purpose after a certain point, or projects and settings created for special occasions. Temporary architecture frequently possesses an experimental character, which presents new perceptions of the functions and potentials of buildings, open spaces and rooms. Its transitory nature turns the attention in a very specific and precise way to what is essential and makes distinct design statements.

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ISBN: 9780037681695

256 pages, 514 images, 24 x 28 cm, hardcover, English