Tami Amit: Last Night I Met Snow White

Tami Amit, Ory Dessau

MER.B&L, 2023


Tami Amit is a painter (b.1972 Tel Aviv, living in Paris) who’s universe relates to Abstract Expressionism, Colour Field painting, and graffiti art, but from the standpoint of Pop Art. Her form of Abstract Expressionism can be regarded as post-Pop. The palette she applies is phosphorous and ice-creamy, governed by pastels and colours that are characteristic to a post-natural, extremely artificial and saturated way of life. Even when she uses colours ascribable to natural elements, she distorts the possibility of a direct reference to the world in order to produce exploding chromatic configurations that amount to hallucinatory topographies of dripping paint. Nevertheless, Amit’s painterly universe offers a sort of an equivalent to nature, since it is anti-hierarchical and all about boundlessness and all-over-ness, amplifying the thin, and not necessarily clear line distinguishing purpose from purposelessness, control from lack of control.
— Ory Dessau

Tami Amit’s monograph, carrying the enigmatic title Last Night I Met Snow White, compiles reproductions of her recent work on paper and canvas. Amit’s practice is a particular mode of action painting which processes childhood memories and issues of self identity and expression. This is her first monograph as a painter.


ISBN: 9789463939089

108 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 37 x 27,8 cm, Frans/Engels