Tadao Ando. Recent Project 2

A.D.A. Edita Tokyo, 2013


This instalment of the ‘Recent Project’ series returns to the work of renowned architect Tadao Ando, presenting both realised and unbuilt projects in splendid detail. In his opening essay, Ando discusses the changes that recent developments in computer technology have brought to his practice, yet also how architecture’s manifestation belongs to human power. Two interviews with Ando elaborate on his recent outlook, while more than 20 projects illustrate his mastery. Among them, the RGS Center in Monterrey, the Yuan Museum in Beijing, the Hansol Museum in Wonju, houses in Mangalore and Venice, proposals for urban space in San Marino and Osaka, and more.

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ISBN: 9784871406833

180 pagina's, 90 illustraties in kleur, 30 × 25,7 cm, paperback, Engels/Japans