Tacita Dean: Darmstädter Werkblock (Signed and numbered copy 390/1000)

Steidl, 2008



Artist book in an edition of 1000 numbered copies. Our copy is in perfect condition and in the original (opened) packaging.

Darmstädter Werkblock (2007) is filmed in the rooms, which make up ‘Block Beuys’ in Darmstadt’s Hessisches Landesmuseum. This installation of objects and vitrines was composed and reordered by Joseph Beuys from its establishment in 1970 until his death in 1986. For some time now the museum has wanted to renovate the galleries because the jute walls (a leftover from the pre-Beuys medieval galleries) are badly patched and stained. However, this decision has upset many who believe the walls add a very particular and unique atmosphere to the Beuys installation. The controversy lies in the fact that Beuys never made particular reference to the walls so making them impertinent to any renovation question. Dean’s film entirely concentrates on these soon to be replaced walls, carpet and details of the gallery décor, seeing them as analogous to the entropy in and of Beuys’s art, whilst carefully avoiding any sighting of the work itself.

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80 pages, color illustrations, 26 x 15,5 cm, paperback