Stad zonder hoogtevrees / City Without Fear of Heights

De ontwikkeling van een Europese hoogbouw typologie / The Development of a European High Rise Typology

Emiel Arends

Nai010 Publishers, 2023


High-rise is in Rotterdam’s DNA. As early as 1898 the city attracted attention with “Het Witte Huis”, which at 43 metres was considered Europe’s tallest office building at the time. Now, 125 years later, new insights and techniques have allowed the highest point of the Rotterdam skyline to run to more than 200 metres. ‘City Without Fear of Heights’ takes stock of the past decades of high-rise construction and describes main lessons and learning points.


ISBN: 9789462087996

184 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 23,9 x 17,3 cm, paperback, Nederlands/Engels