Sou Fujimoto: Primitive Future

Sou Fujimoto

INAX Publishing, Tokyo, 2008


Sou Fujimoto (1971), is quickly becoming a leading figure among young architects in and outside Japan. After graduating from Tokyo University he sets up Sou Fujimoto Architects. One of his first projects is: Seidai Occupational Therapy House (1996).

After his first projects, Fujimoto engaged in competitions and conceptual explorations in order to create a completely different way to design architecture. Forsaking standard columns, slabs and stairs, he envisaged a single, multipurpose element that could play all three roles. This idea is articulated in his design of ‘Primitive Future House’, a theoretical project entirely made of stacked slabs that can serve as structure, stairs, fenestration and even furniture.

In his search for an ideal condition of new architecture in between artifice and nature, Fujimoto draws a parallel to reflecting on concepts of primitive architecture. In his publication ‘Primitive Future’ he states: ‘To speculate on the future of architecture is equally primordial. Imagine the diversity of places people can inhabit, and the possibilities of what architecture may become. Primitive future is full of promising projections.’

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ISBN: 978-4872751482

144 pages, full color, 21 × 15.2 cm, paperback, bilingual Japanese/English